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Features Module Presentation - BADCamp 2011

Here's the presentation for my presentation at BADCamp 2011:

Hiring the Best People in Drupal

Are you looking for new Drupal talent? Hiring the best people from the Drupal development community can be tough if your company does not have any Drupal expertise in house. How do you know the people you interview are any good? What questions can you ask them if you don't know Drupalese? Do you simply trust their references and hope for the best?

Drupal Featured Content Module at Top of

I'm a little bit leery about posting this because I will surely jinx something but I am happy that my Drupal Featured Content module is currently number ONE on the in terms of reviews. It's currently has a perfect 5 out of 5 score! Woohoo :)

Drupal SEO Basics Presentation - BADCamp 2010

I had a great weekend at the BADCamp 2010 in Berkeley! There were some great sessions and lots of fun conversations.

Tracking Redirects with Google Analytics

I'm going to test out the advice found here:

on tracking redirects in Google Analytics.

New Drupal Views Examples Module

I have just released the Views Examples module at It is a library of views that you can enable and use directly within the views UI.

Drupal AHAH Form Examples

Here are some Drupal AHAH Form examples using the Drupal 6 Form API and the wonderful AHAH Helper module. It's much easier creating AHAH forms with the AHAH Helper module than without using it.

Use Drupal Views Group By Module to Show Closest Matches by Terms

Someone requested that I add functionality to my Drupal featured content block module to sort by the nodes that are the closest match to the node being viewed based on vocabulary terms. I did this, but then someone asked if I could integrate with views to allow for this same type of sorting. I thought maybe it could be done already, and sure enough, I was able to do it using views and the views group by module.

Easily Add Drupal Related Content Blocks

There are many ways to add Drupal related content blocks on your website. One easy way is to install the new featured content module:

Free Google Keyword Research Tool

Google provides a free keyword research tool to easily see what keyword phrases are popular. The tool is here:


I'm a Speaker at DrupalCon Portland