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How to access translation features in Drupal 7

There are different ways to access Drupal translation functionality depending on what is being translated. Here's a quick reference table for the various translation access points.

Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites Extra Topics

I was not able to include everything I wanted into my Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites book due to space limitations, so here is a list of some extra topics, tips, and tricks that didn't make it in:

Drupal 7 Multilingual Websites Book

My new book will be out soon!!!


Drupal 7 Internationalization Issues

Here are some Drupal 7 internationalization issues to track:

Drupal 7 i18n modules

Here are many of the Drupal 7 i18n modules to help you create multilingual websites. Find more modules at the modules search page.

Drupal 7 i18n docs

Here's a list of some of the more useful i18n-related documentation:

Drupal 7 i18n videos and slides

Here's a list of videos and slide decks for Drupal internationalization / localization talks over the last couple years. Enjoy!

Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative (D8MI) resources

I will update this list regularly to let you know what's going on for the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative. This initiative is for making big improvements in multilingual support for Drupal 8 including cleaning up inconsistencies and poor designs in the architecture, making localization process more user-friendly, allowing for non-English source strings, and pulling in relevant functionality from contributed modules such as i18n. Please help out!

Drupal 7 i18n articles

Here are some posts related to Drupal 7 internationalization (i18n):

Drupal New Zealand

I haven't made it to New Zealand yet but it's at the top of my "want to visit" list. I have friends in NZ and some are doing Drupal. This is great in case I ever want to take a work sabbatical over there which I would definitely consider!

I'm a Speaker at DrupalCon Portland