Drupal New Zealand

I haven't made it to New Zealand yet but it's at the top of my "want to visit" list. I have friends in NZ and some are doing Drupal. This is great in case I ever want to take a work sabbatical over there which I would definitely consider!

My friend, Theresa, works for Tim Gummer Design in Auckland doing Drupal projects so if you need some Drupal work in NZ, they may be a good bet. There is a Drupal meetup in Auckland if you are near the capital and doing Drupal or want to find people who are.

You can also check out the New Zealand drupal group which has a list of Drupal companies in NZ as well as other relevant Drupal events & info. The drupal.net.nz site also has a list of Drupal companies in New Zealand though I don't know how they are added.

Dries wrote an article a few years ago about how the New Zealand government is using Drupal with their beehive.govt.nz site among others. The beehive site was built by Bevan Rudge who is a very active Drupaler. I met Bevan at DrupalCamp Chicago in 2010 and he's a nice guy!

If you have any favorite Drupal NZ websites or resources, feel free to contact me.



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