Tracking Redirects with Google Analytics

I'm going to test out the advice found here:

on tracking redirects in Google Analytics.

I'm going to use the path redirect module to redirect a dummy page to this page with the info below tacked on:

I'll write some more after I hook it up and see if it works....

Ok, I added the redirect using path redirect so that:

redirects to:

I went to it a few times but it's not showing up yet in Google Analytics. I'll see if I need to configure something on that end...

It may take some time to see anything according to this post: though I'm not even seeing anything if I drill down. But, this is a new page, so maybe it will pick it up in a few hours.

Meanwhile, I'm going to try changing the campaign/etc to something else:

and see if this or the previous or both eventually show up.

Followup: (9/29/10) I was just prodded for the results of my testing. The campaigns *did* show up so just be patient. Here's what it looks like on the Google Analytics campaign screen:

Google Analytics Campaign with RedirectsGoogle Analytics Campaign with Redirects


fastest and easiest way

I solved the problem with javascript help. Wrote guide how to do it:

Tracking redirects

I did the same test about 3 months ago as I was curious whether google would track the redirect in analytics. I started with the main site, but then it got too confusing because 1 sites analytics changed however the redirect numbers didnt change in line with the redirect. How did you go in the end?

Here's a good explanation of GA tracking 301 and 302 redirects

In case you didn't get things working, here is a rundown of how GA reacts to 301 and 302 redirects. Can be pretty confusing.

I wouldn't recommend adding parameters in the redirect rule - you may lose tracking of the original referrer, depending on how you do it. Good luck!

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