Drupal SEO Modules

There are a number of Drupal SEO modules to choose from. Here is a summary of the most popular ones to help with your Drupal search engine optimization.


Module (Project Page) Version Importance Tutorials
Path (path) 6/7/8 must have Path Tutorial
Pathauto (pathauto) 6/7/8 must have Pathauto Tutorial
Pathauto Settings Tutorial
Page Title (page_title) 6/7 must have
Global Redirect (globalredirect) 6/7/8 must have Global Redirect Tutorial
Path Redirect (path_redirect) 6 must have
Redirect (redirect) 7/8 must have
Nodewords (nodewords) 6 must have Meta Tags (nodewords) Tutorial
Metatag (metatag) 7/8 must have Meta Tags (nodewords) Tutorial
Meta Tags by Path (nodewords_bypath 6 good to have
Meta Tags Node Type (nodewords_nodetype) 6 optional
XML Sitemap (xmlsitemap) 6/7/8 good to have
Menu Attributes (menu_attributes) 6/7 good to have Menu Attributes Nofollow Tutorial
Automatic Node titles (auto_nodetitle) 6/7/8 good to have
Search 404 (search404) 6/7 good to have
Links Checker (linkchecker) 6/7 good to have Broken Links Tutorial
SEO Checklist (seo_checklist) 6/7 good to have
SEO Friend (seo_friend) 6 good to have SEO Friend Screenshots
HTML Purifier (htmlpurifier) 6/7/8 good to have
Google Analytics (google_analytics) 6/7/8
Keyword Research (kwresearch) 6/7
Link Intelligence (linkintel) 6
Content Optimizer (contentoptimizer) 6/7
Scribe SEO Analyzer (scribeseo) 6
Drupal SEO Tools (seotools) 6/7
WordStream Keyword Tools (wordstream) 6/7
Readability Analyzer (readability) 6/7
Keyword Analysis (kwanalysis) 6/7
SEO Essentials (seo) 7
Wordtracker (wordtracker) 6
W3C Analyzer (w3canalyzer) 6
Service Links (service_links) 6/7/8 optional Service Links Tutorial
Digg This (diggthis) 6 optional
good to have
Nofollow List (nofollowlist) 6/7
SEO Checker (seo_checker) 6/7
Excerpt (excerpt) 6
Alinks (alinks) 6/7
More Like This (morelikethis) 6
Featured Content (featured_content) 6/7
Related Content (relatedcontent) 6
Glossify Internal Links Auto SEO (glossify) 6
Calais (opencalais) 6/7
URL List (urllist) 6/7
RobotsTxt (robotstxt 6/7/8
Custom Breadcrumbs (custom_breadcrumbs) 6/7
Pathologic (pathologic) 6/7/8




I have just been adding my URL address in the path field on each individual page, like my page for 'Grimm' I put as entertainmentalley.com/tvseries/grimm - And any articles about 'Grimm' will have that URL with the article title after it. Is that not acceptable by search engines? Do I need to have Pathauto downloaded for search engines to pick up on it at all? I think I've been naming them appropriately and it's not really much work doing it the way I've been doing it, but if it's actually necessary (or better) to do Pathauto instead then I will do that.



Not required

Pathauto is not required, but it just makes creating SEO-friendly (and user-friendly) paths easy. Typing in manual paths that make sense for your content is totally fine! :)


Thanks, Kristen. I think I might use Pathauto for the "blog" front page section but not my episode guide pages. That way those are done in the way I started with, but regular articles can go where Pathauto thinks is best. :)


Sounds good!

Great list

Thank you for this great list. I will translate this article in romanian and I will copy on my website www.tazywebdesign.ro because is a website made with Drupal


Sounds good... translate away!

Nice List

Nice List here..I hope this list will help me optimizing my Drupal site for getting better rank in SERP


Wow. I'll be working on a drupal site that needs SEO and this list just made my module crawling so much easier! Thanks


Thanks for the list of modules. This saves me time searching for each module I could possibly need for SEO. I have bookmarked for future reference and will also tweet about this page on my Twitter account.

Drupal search engine

Drupal search engine optimization is very easy. It's really the only open source framework that helps out well with SEO.

Wow, that was an easy to get

Wow, that was an easy to get started on Drupal SEO - thanks for putting a list of all the best modules in one place. Really appreciate it.


Good website


i hav jus gone through that its nice and thanks for this

Might want to check out


Thanks for taking the time to put together this list.

You might also want to check out the Content Analysis module and its SEO and keyword analyzers and tools.

really nice post, thanking

really nice post, thanking you

Thank you

Thank you for spending the time to make the above list.

SEO Watcher

I think https://www.drupal.org/project/seowatcher would be a great addition to the list. It helps you monitor if the SEO modules you have used and how you use them are indeed effective. :)


Thanks, I'll check it out...


Wow. I'll be working on a

Wow. I'll be working on a drupal site that needs SEO and this list just made my module crawling so much easier! Thanks! :D

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Being more polite would be nice too. This is all free information and I make *very* little on the Google ads (only pays for hosting with very cheap GoDaddy).

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Someone was nice enough to email me directly (thanks Sean!) and notify me that the problem was seen on Chrome. So I was able to reproduce and fix.


Great List

Thanks for aggregating all of these in one place. Very helpful.

please consider this...

Nodewords Disable the module in themodules page.
The feature implemented in Meta Tags by Path is now included in Nodewords; there is not need to use Meta Tags by Path, and the module should be disabled to avoid possible conflicts.


Yes, the nodewords authors have been rolling in the nodewords by path functionality, so newer versions of nodewords are all you need instead of installing both.


I would also add the

I would also add the canonical URL module (https://www.drupal.org/project/canonical_url) as this is really a big advantage from an SEO perspective

Frank Pipolo
Search Engine Marketing Specialist


According to their project page, it's deprecated since the functionality has been rolled into the newer version of nodewords:

"Starting from version 1.2, nodewords module has full support for canonical URLs. I strongly encourage everyone to use nodewords module instead of standalone canonical_url.
After release of nodewords 6.x-1.2, canonical_url is considered deprecated module and will be shut down after reasonable period of time."


Node Breadcrumbs

This is a great module for creating breadcrumbs. Easier to work with than Custom Breadcrumbs.


Great list, I shall be looking into a few of those you mentioned.

Glossify Internal Links Auto SEO

Check out and also add in the above list the module called:
Glossify Internal Links Auto SEO

It autolinks your site's content pages to one another - wonderful for SEO automation. Thus you can boost the Google PR of one page from PR-s of another pages.

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