Free Google Keyword Research Tool

Google provides a free keyword research tool to easily see what keyword phrases are popular. The tool is here:


HTML Validation: Free HTML Validator Tools

These are good HTML validation tools to ensure your HTML is clean... clean HTML means better SEO (search engine optimization) and typically faster page loads.


Drupal SEO Modules

There are a number of Drupal SEO modules to choose from. Here is a summary of the most popular ones to help with your Drupal search engine optimization.

Drupal Nofollow Link Sculpting

"Link sculpting" (also know as "pagerank sculpting" or "link juice flow optimization") is one of the more recent and popular trends in search engine optimization. Although some people have been using this concept for years, it has entered the SEO mainstream over the past year or so.

Drupal Has Multiple h1 Tags

Older versions of drupal used the h1 tag for the site logo and h2 tag for the page title. Since h1 is one of the most important tags for SEO, the drupal community lobbied to get rid of the h1 for the logo and to change the h2 tag in the tag to an h1 tag. But, I have just noticed that there is a situation where Drupal has multiple h1 tags!


Free SEO Tools

There are lots of search engine optimization tools available, so let's highlight some free SEO tools as well as some inexpensive ones.


503 HTTP Status Code when Site Down

If for some reason you must take down your site or just a few pages temporarily for maintenance, moving servers, or whatever reason, you need to tell the search engines that this is TEMPORARY. Otherwise, they will see the page is not there (404 status/response code) and drop your site or page from their search index.

Drupal SEO Reviews

The point of this site is Drupal SEO and, yet, I haven't yet optimized a page for that term (although those individual words do show up in other node titles but not the exact phrase). So, this will be another experiment to see how high I can rank for that exact phrase.


I was checking out my Google Analytics statistics for since I'm curious how people get to the site and what they are typing into the search engines. I was surprised to see that I actually get some traffic here from people typing in my name (kristen). Of course, my domain has kristen in it and my home page has it in the <title> tag, so the word does show up a bit. My site is actually in the top 20 in google for that keyword!

Drupal Node Teaser SEO

This article discusses how to use the Drupal node teaser for better SEO. I have used the "split cursor at summary" feature and unchecked the "show summary in full view" checkbox in order to get the teaser you are reading to be different than the first part of the node body text.


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