Add Drupal Digg,, Reddit Links and More

If you want people to find your content, it's good to get the word out with social marketing. Since I haven't done that yet, that's the plan right now. The Drupal "services links" module lets you easily add links for, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Newsvine, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and IceRocket.

1) Download Services Links module
2) Untar and put in /admin/all/modules or wherever your modules are installed
3) Go to /admin/build/modules and turn on module
4) Go to /admin/settings/servicelinks and choose the content types, tags, and service links you want as well as where and how you want them shown (teaser/full view) and (links vs block)

Here's a bit of info about each (including pagerank/PR) though I imagine you already know many of these:

  • - PR 8. ~59k pages indexed in Google. Was but redirects to One of the more popular social bookmarking sites.
  • Digg - PR 8. ~15.7M pages indexed in Google. Popular social content sharing site.
  • StumbleUpon - PR 8. ~4M pages indexed in Google. Social content sharing.
  • Reddit - PR 8. ~3.4M pages indexed in Google.
  • Newsvine - PR 7. ~590k pages in Google. Social news.
  • Furl - PR 7. ~1M pages in Google. Favorite urls.
  • Facebook - PR 9. ~213M pages in Google. Social interaction site.
  • Google - PR 10. ~391M pages in Google ;) Bookmark your urls.
  • Yahoo - PR 10. ~457M pages in Google. Bookmark your urls.
  • IceRocket - PR 6. ~59K pages in Google. Blog search.



Still wrapping my head around blogging. It seems the best way is to enter your node into the site as a Blog post.

But what if you have content and want to send it out through the Blog?

How do you avoid setting off the search engine dupe content filter?

Duplicate content

That is a very good question. You do need to be concerned about duplicating your content across multiple sites (or the same site for that matter).

Best thing would be:

1) post the "original" on your site and wait for it to be indexed

2) post a summary or snippets of the blog post on other sites... ideally something different for each

More time consuming but avoids the duplicate content penalty.

Good luck,

thanks, that helps me plan

thanks, that helps me plan

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