GoDaddy Drupal 6 Setup

I use GoDaddy for my hosting provider and they have a simple way for installing Drupal 6 for the web hosting account. Click a button and choose some usernames/passwords for the mysql and Drupal admin accounts and it will do the install for you. Adding third-party modules requires ftp'ing to your GoDaddy account and putting them in the correct location which is more cumbersome than if you have a shell account.

I decided yesterday to set up with Drupal 6 on GoDaddy. The first install gave a general and unhelpful error. I assumed that some files on my site were in the way of the install. Since didn't have much on it (pretty much just duplicate content from my site), I saved a copy of the files and deleted them (via ftp) at GoDaddy. When I re-installed Drupal, it was successful.

One thing I did need to do prior to the install was "upgrade" to GoDaddy 2.0 configuration since my account was old and using their original 1.0 configuration. And, after the upgrade, I had to set my default PHP language to be version 5 instead of 4 since Drupal 6 expects PHP 5.

After the install, I got sent an email to the email address I had configured in the installation process so I could do my one-time login to Drupal and set my password. Now I'm in the process of configuring Drupal to suit my needs. I turned on several optional modules such as the blog module that I'm using here to write this message. Hopefully I will continue to write blog entries as I do things on the site so others can see how to use Drupal for a simple website.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to see anything added to this site or have any questions about Drupal, the GoDaddy Drupal setup, or Drupal SEO.


Shell access

Glad to hear GoDaddy is offering shell access now. I think you need to create a new account to get it automatically. Converting old accounts over may be painful... perhaps I should try anyway.


GoDaddy loves Drupal

Not having shell access really limits GoDaddy's inexpensive shared hosting and prevented me from learning how to use Drupal, now this has changed, thanks for the tip.

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