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Top Ten Drupal Modules Consolidated - 2009

Here's a grid of top ten Drupal modules recommended by the top websites (per Google - 2009 posts only) as of December 2009. The websites are numbered 1 to 10 and if the particular module was listed in that site's top 10 Drupal modules list, then it has an X in the column for that site. So far, I have gone through 6 websites.

BADCamp Drupal SEO Presentation 2009

I gave a Drupal SEO presentation at the recent BADCamp in Berkeley along with Jen Lampton of Chapter Three.

High Performance Drupal Steps

I went to an awesome talk on creating high performance Drupal sites by Josh Koenig of Chapter Three at the recent BAD Camp in Berkeley. You should check out the slides, but here's a recap:

Need a Drupal Expert?

I get a lot of calls and emails for Drupal work. Often many more than I can handle. It's common for these companies to complain about how hard it is to find a "Drupal expert". So what can these companies do to find the right Drupal programmer for their project?

Make Drupal SEO Friendly

Are you wondering how to make Drupal SEO friendly? You can start by taking a look at the list of Drupal SEO modules that are available for free.

Top 10 Drupal Modules

If I was only allowed to install my top 10 drupal modules (besides core and SEO-related modules), here's what they'd be. Also, check out the list of Drupal SEO modules.

Drupal Actions and Triggers

I get some comments on this site yet I was missing some since I don't check my comments "approval queue" regularly. I want to get an email when someone posts a comment. This is easy to using Drupal actions and triggers. This is built-in functionality for Drupal 6.

Drupal Revision Moderation and Workflow

You can get the Drupal Revision Moderation module working along side the Drupal Worklow module. I've just done it for Drupal 6.

Detect Drupal Broken Links

I was looking in my Google analytics reports and see that I have some broken links (404 pages) in my content. Although you can track these with Analytics or other web reporting tools, there are a number of modules that can be used to help minimize and detect Drupal broken links:

Add Drupal Digg,, Reddit Links and More

If you want people to find your content, it's good to get the word out with social marketing. Since I haven't done that yet, that's the plan right now.

I'm a Speaker at DrupalCon Austin

I'm a Speaker at DrupalCon Portland