What Drupal Tutorial Do You Need?

I will be proposing some sessions/talks for DrupalCon SF in April, 2010, and want to find out what Drupal users/developers want to learn about. It can be at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. What Drupal tutorial would you like to see?

I gave a Drupal SEO (search engine optimization) talk at the Berkeley 2009 Drupal Camp and that was popular. I will be giving a talk on building image galleries using the Dynamic Display Block module at the Stanford Drupal Camp next weekend. I'm not sure how popular that will be as it's a bit more intermediate level.

If you have something you'd like to learn about Drupal and would benefit from seeing a tutorial presentation about that at DrupalCon, please leave a comment below or contact me directly.

I will add some of my own ideas below in the comments for feedback.



A tutorial to increase the speed of drupal

I installed drupal on my site but it was too slow because of the MySQL Database from my provider. Is there any possibility to speed it up by editing the MySQL Database settings or changing some php code?

Drupal Performance Tutorials

Here are some Drupal performance tutorials:


Also, if you run devel and turn on the query log, you can see which queries are slow and/or run multiple times. If you have written your own code, this is useful to know if the queries should be rewritten or optimized. You can use the mysql "explain" with the query in order to figure out if any indexes should be added to the database to make the queries faster.

And, use "static" where it makes sense (if you see that a query is run multiple times). Here's an article about caching in Drupal to make things faster:


Good luck,

re: Berkeley 2009 Drupal Camp


Did anyone do a video for your Drupal SEO talk?

No Video

No, they didn't videotape it. There will likely be several SEO-related talks at DrupalCon SF in April. I've signed up to do some other (non-SEO) talks for that, but my co-presenter (Jen Lampton) from the Berkeley one might be giving an SEO one at DrupalCon.



I've been trying to read about how CCK (Content Creation Kit) data is mapped to the database. But docs and tutorials are vague on details. What exactly are the capabilities and constraints? How could I script definition of a module and import data into it, outside of the Drupal interface? It kind of sounds like the architecture changes from one major release of Drupal to the next. I've been trying to researching CCK to figure out if it's an instance of an SQL Antipattern like EAV.


The context module, that was developed by development seed.
The use of context i think takes websites to a all new level. contexts allow you to display information on a site according to what you want to be displayed. forget the day when you were reading a website a bout dog food and next to it there was an ad about, Valentines.
context gives you the power to display ads according to what is being read e.t.c. Most people do not realise the robustiness of the context module and i am Proposing some tutorial about Context.

By the Thanks for the Featured Content Module it is great. i was also wondering if Featured Content Module can work with the context module?
thanks again for the Good work you are doing on Drupal....


That would be an awesome talk, but I'm not the one to give it yet because I've only played around with the Context module and haven't used it yet for a site. Maybe you should present!! :)

I will look into making the Featured Content module play nice with the Context and the Features modules. If there are others you can think of, please let me know.


Organic Groups

Idea #3 - organic groups - example is an education/university site

I have already added the AHAH talk and multi-language site talks:


I *may* add one more so I'm still open for input.

I second that - Organic

I second that - Organic Groups lack tutorials. Usually it's about users creating groups - this mean they need to be Drupal users and understand what they do. Another approach is the admin creates gropus with common functionality (same menu for all, similar to LinkedIn, and paths with the group id.


Multi-language site implementation.

Thanks! I was thinking about

Thanks! I was thinking about that one too... I have done several multi-lingual sites so that would be up my alley.


New look

Your site got a new look! I thought I had landed in the wrong place.

I would be very interested in learning more about forms API.



Thanks J.P.!

It was long overdue... I liked this simple/clean look from the painted theme. https://www.drupal.org/project/painted

Whatever I end up doing, maybe I'll do a practice run at the April Santa Cruz Drupal user group meeting to see how it goes ;)

Drupal Hooks

Idea #2 - Go through some of the most common drupal hooks like hook_user, hook_nodeapi, hook_menu, etc. and give examples of how to use each.

AHAH Forms and the Form API

Idea #1 - utilizing the forms API and the AHAH helper module to build simple ahah/ajax-style forms (meaning that the page does not reload in order for the form to change).

I'm a Speaker at DrupalCon Portland