Top 10 Drupal Modules

If I was only allowed to install my top 10 drupal modules (besides core and SEO-related modules), here's what they'd be. Also, check out the list of Drupal SEO modules.

Module Project Page Ver. Importance Tutorials
Content Construction Kit (CCK) project/cck 5/6 must have
The Content Construction Kit allows you to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser.

Views project/views 5/6 must have
The Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal site designers to control how lists and tables of content are presented.

Recaptcha (or Mollom) project/recaptcha project/mollom
4/5/6 good to have
A CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human.

Administration Menu project/admin_menu 4/5/6 nice to have
Administration menu module provides a theme-independent administration interface for Drupal.

LoginTobbagan project/logintoboggan 5/6 nice to have
The Login Toboggan module offers several usability improvements of the Drupal login system.

Imagecache project/imagecache 5/6 for image-rich websites
ImageCache allows you to setup presets for image processing.

Filefield project/filefield 5/6 for image-rich websites
FileField provides a universal file upload field for CCK.

Image field project/imagefield 5/6 for image-rich websites
ImageField provides an image upload field for CCK.

Backup & Migrate project/backup_migrate 5/6 nice to have
Backup and Migrate simplifies the task of backing up and restoring your Drupal database or copying your database from one Drupal site to another.

Devel project/devel 5/6 developers only
A suite of modules containing fun for module developers and themers.


Recommended Drupal modules

I just spent a big chunk of time exploring your site. Thank you for the great info; I learned quite a few things (esp. about your own modules, which I hadn't heard of).

"Best modules" lists like this page's are a big help for Drupalers facing a list of – what is it now, about 5000? – modules. Beginners in particular appreciate the pointers on good places to start. My own list ( ) resembles yours, with the addition of Wysiwyg module and text editors (I like TinyMCE, and IMCE for images), Preferred Format, AddToAny, and many more – I was too weak to hold back at 10.

Hmm, I think some of my favorites may have changed a bit since making the list, though. I should schedule a twice-yearly or so update...

Anyway, thanks again for the useful info.


Thanks for the link to your lists... never enough lists to sort out all those modules!! ;)


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