Reduce Drupal Spam with Captcha

I checked on my site after some absence only to find a bunch of spammy comments in my Drupal comments approval queue. I've been slowly adding new modules to the site and trying to write about what I'm adding along the way. Well, I forgot to add in Captcha so I ended up with the spam. So for those that want to reduce spam on their site:

1) Download captcha module (or perhaps a harder to guess version like Riddler (Drupal 5 only) UPDATE - use the recaptcha module (see comments below)

2) Uncompress and install in sites/all/modules

3) Turn on captcha and image captcha modules (admin/build/modules) in spam control fieldset

4) Go to the captcha settings page and configure according to your needs

Note that I haven't yet added captcha to, because Drupal on Godaddy is slow so I find the whole process of updating the site painful. Of course, deleting tons of spammy comments is painful too... hmmm... maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

If you have another favorite spam-busting Drupal module, post a comment.


Try re-captcha

Hey Kristen, nice experiment site. Try reCAPTCHA sometime, its the only captcha that hasn't been cracked yet.


That's great to know. Just looked up the drupal recaptcha project for it and they have a drupal 6 version.

Captcha module

really helps

thanks for the heads up.

I am using this module now on my site at:


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