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Basic SEO Top 10

I updated this website so I can explain some basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, particularly how you setup Drupal SEO. There are lots of websites that explain SEO, so I won't go into too much detail here... simply the very basics. Once I get into configuring Drupal for search engine optimization, more details will be filled in.


Fixing a Stale, Duplicate Content Problem Website

I couldn't remember when I grabbed my domain, so I just did a "whois" search at and found that it was in 1999... boy, I feel old.

When I first got the domain, I simply parked my resume on the home page and that was that. Except for occasional minor resume changes, it wasn't until a few years ago that the site changed in any significant way. I switched my hosting provider to GoDaddy since it was cheaper and better than my previous provider.

GoDaddy Drupal 6 Setup

I use GoDaddy for my hosting provider and they have a simple way for installing Drupal 6 for the web hosting account. Click a button and choose some usernames/passwords for the mysql and Drupal admin accounts and it will do the install for you. Adding third-party modules requires ftp'ing to your GoDaddy account and putting them in the correct location which is more cumbersome than if you have a shell account.

I'm a Speaker at DrupalCon Austin

I'm a Speaker at DrupalCon Portland