Drupal Featured Content Module at Top of drupalmodules.com

I'm a little bit leery about posting this because I will surely jinx something but I am happy that my Drupal Featured Content module is currently number ONE on the drupalmodules.com in terms of reviews. It's currently has a perfect 5 out of 5 score! Woohoo :)

But, again, in writing this, I will probably provoke someone to go check it out and decide they don't like it so much and write a bad review... !!!

I hope not.

Anyway, I would like more people to try it out. Currently the Featured Content module is in the top 1000 Drupal modules (out of 6480) and it has been climbing pretty fast lately. My SEO Friend module is in the top 500! Pretty cool. You can check out the usage of Drupal modules at the drupal.org module usage page.

If you do try out the Featured Content module and have some suggestions, feedback, feature requests, etc., please create an issue and I will check it out: https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/featured_content

If you have something *negative* to say, please give me a chance to fix the problem (by emailing me directly and/or filing an issue) before leaving a negative review on drupalmodules.com.


Slipped a little

I got a few recent reviews that included 4s so now I'm no longer #1 but am still in the top 5. Note that people aren't very rational about their ratings... someone wrote that the "documentation is perfect" and then gave the module a 4 out of 5 on documentation... ????


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