Drupal Actions and Triggers

I get some comments on this site yet I was missing some since I don't check my comments "approval queue" regularly. I want to get an email when someone posts a comment. This is easy to using Drupal actions and triggers. This is built-in functionality for Drupal 6.

Drupal Revision Moderation and Workflow

You can get the Drupal Revision Moderation module working along side the Drupal Worklow module. I've just done it for Drupal 6.

Detect Drupal Broken Links

I was looking in my Google analytics reports and see that I have some broken links (404 pages) in my content. Although you can track these with Analytics or other web reporting tools, there are a number of modules that can be used to help minimize and detect Drupal broken links:

Add Drupal Digg,, Reddit Links and More

If you want people to find your content, it's good to get the word out with social marketing. Since I haven't done that yet, that's the plan right now.

Drupal SEO Modules

There are a number of Drupal SEO modules to choose from. Here is a summary of the most popular ones to help with your Drupal search engine optimization.

Drupal Nofollow Link Sculpting

"Link sculpting" (also know as "pagerank sculpting" or "link juice flow optimization") is one of the more recent and popular trends in search engine optimization. Although some people have been using this concept for years, it has entered the SEO mainstream over the past year or so.

How To Get a Drupal Theme Change to Show Up

If you are going to customize a drupal theme or create a drupal theme from scratch, you will inevitably find times where the change you have implemented does not show up. This is because the theme information is cached for better performance. This will happen *even* if you have caching turned off on your site.

Customize a Drupal Theme

For many personal sites and some small business sites, you may simply want to use one of the out-of-the-box Drupal themes available. There are several to choose from: bluemarine, chameleon, marvin, garland, minnelli, and pushbutton.

Drupal Has Multiple h1 Tags

Older versions of drupal used the h1 tag for the site logo and h2 tag for the page title. Since h1 is one of the most important tags for SEO, the drupal community lobbied to get rid of the h1 for the logo and to change the h2 tag in the tag to an h1 tag. But, I have just noticed that there is a situation where Drupal has multiple h1 tags!


Free SEO Tools

There are lots of search engine optimization tools available, so let's highlight some free SEO tools as well as some inexpensive ones.


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