How To Get a Drupal Theme Change to Show Up

If you are going to customize a drupal theme or create a drupal theme from scratch, you will inevitably find times where the change you have implemented does not show up. This is because the theme information is cached for better performance. This will happen *even* if you have caching turned off on your site.

Customize a Drupal Theme

For many personal sites and some small business sites, you may simply want to use one of the out-of-the-box Drupal themes available. There are several to choose from: bluemarine, chameleon, marvin, garland, minnelli, and pushbutton.

Custom Drupal Theme Block Regions

I recently added Google AdSense ads to this site to see what the click-through-rate will be. I wanted to put a banner ad above the content section you are reading right now in addition to side blocks. Since I'm using the bluemarine theme, there was not a way to put blocks into the section above the main content, so I modified the bluemarine theme to make this happen.


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