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Drupal on GoDaddy is TOO SLOW

After setting up Drupal on GoDaddy, I've found that this site is just WAY TOO SLOW with Drupal+GoDaddy. It's annoyingly slow. Previously, I just had a simple static site and it was fast, but that's not too surprising for a static site. I have just contacted GoDaddy about this and my guess is that I won't get any resolution. I looked at this article about the problem, and it talks about shared hosting on GoDaddy in general being slow.


Fix Duplicate Content with Global Redirect Module

The Drupal path and pathauto modules are great, but also can cause us some problems. Google does not like it when more than one URL yields the same results. The path and pathauto modules allow us to create an alias for our content. So, instead of using "node/15" in our URL, we can use something more descriptive like "content/cool-seo-article".

Drupal Pathauto Module

The Drupal pathauto module is a great tool for giving your content names based on the content titles. For example, the title of this blog post (node) is "Drupal Pathauto Module" so once it is saved with an automatic alias, the URL alias will be "drupal-pathauto-module" which is much easier to remember than node/9.

Drupal Meta Tags (nodewords) Module for SEO

I setup Drupal on a couple weeks ago. I intentionally set it up with the base installation and didn't add any 3rd party modules. The reason being that I set up this site to show how you can add in various Drupal modules and configure Drupal for SEO (search engine optimization).

Drupal Google Analytics Setup

I just set up Google Analytics on Drupal for and some other sites I'm working on. I have used awstats in the past but not Google Analytics but everyone was raving about it, so now I can see what's the buzz.

First, I signed up with Google Analytics which is (of course) free. Also, you can set up several websites in your account as well as share accounts and create multiple accounts. Very handy.

Basic SEO Top 10

I updated this website so I can explain some basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, particularly how you setup Drupal SEO. There are lots of websites that explain SEO, so I won't go into too much detail here... simply the very basics. Once I get into configuring Drupal for search engine optimization, more details will be filled in.


Fixing a Stale, Duplicate Content Problem Website

I couldn't remember when I grabbed my domain, so I just did a "whois" search at and found that it was in 1999... boy, I feel old.

When I first got the domain, I simply parked my resume on the home page and that was that. Except for occasional minor resume changes, it wasn't until a few years ago that the site changed in any significant way. I switched my hosting provider to GoDaddy since it was cheaper and better than my previous provider.

GoDaddy Drupal 6 Setup

I use GoDaddy for my hosting provider and they have a simple way for installing Drupal 6 for the web hosting account. Click a button and choose some usernames/passwords for the mysql and Drupal admin accounts and it will do the install for you. Adding third-party modules requires ftp'ing to your GoDaddy account and putting them in the correct location which is more cumbersome than if you have a shell account.

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