Drupal SEO Reviews

The point of this site is Drupal SEO and, yet, I haven't yet optimized a page for that term (although those individual words do show up in other node titles but not the exact phrase). So, this will be another experiment to see how high I can rank for that exact phrase.

Right now I'm in the top 100 but near the bottom... pretty lame. But, of course, I want to give you something useful to read about so I will do some Drupal SEO Reviews. I will review several of the top web pages that currently show up when you google "Drupal SEO". I will provide an overview of the content, anything amusing I found, and some of the reasons that the page ranks so well for that keyword phrase.

Drupal SEO Mistakes | drupal.org - https://www.drupal.org/node/67767

  • Overview - This 2006 (!) article discusses using the Drupal nodewords / meta tags module and making sure that your meta data is not the same throughout your site. It also tells you to be careful if using the i18n module so you don't end up with duplicate content. There are a lot of comments posted but only from 2006 & 2007.
  • Amusing - The web page does not have anything in the meta description/keywords tags ;) This is a drupal.org page and they don't seem to be using a meta tag module. Also, I find it amazing that an article that's 2 1/2 years old would be ranked number one for an SEO topic as things are ever-changing in that world.
  • Why Does This Page Rank So High
    • <title> tag - The title tag is short and has "Drupal SEO" at the start of the title. Plus, it's a good "marketing" title as people like to read about "mistakes".
    • Topic - The article is actually relevant to the keywords.
    • Domain - The article lives on a highly ranked (PR8) and reputable site that is relevant to the keywords.

Drupal SEO Checklist | drupal.org - https://www.drupal.org/project/seo_checklist

  • Overview - This is "link bait" for the Volacci company that does SEO consulting. They wrote an SEO checklist module (for Drupal 5 and zip file version 6). I downloaded the code, looked at it, and installed the module. Hmmm... nothing very exciting. I does check that a few modules are installed but misses others (buggy). This definitely doesn't need to be a module and is simply a link bait tool, but that's fine. What the heck am I doing here anyway?
  • Amusing - Reciprocal links are oh-so-2005 yet there is a checkbox that says:

    Link to us then send us feedback on the Drupal 6 SEO Checklist module or just say "Thanks!" and we will link to you from our website...

    Sure linking to relevant websites is a good idea, but doing link exchanges is not.
  • Why Does This Page Rank So High
    • <title> tag - Title tag has Drupal and SEO in it though not as the exact phrase so it's not as optimized for the full phrase.
    • Topic - Same as above.
    • Domain - Same as above.
  • Overview - This is a good article stepping through some of the settings and modules you should use for Drupal including pathauto, nodewords (meta tags), global redirect, etc.
  • Amusing - Another 2006 article! What's up google? You trying to keep us in the dark ages ;) Also, the article talks about *not* using sitemaps but then if you look at the footer of his site, there is a sitemap link.
  • Why Does This Page Rank So High
    • <title> tag - The exact phrase shows up in the title towards the beginning though the title is a bit long.
    • Topic - Same as above.
    • Domain - There are other related articles on the site though the PR of the home page is 3.
    • Meta Tags - Using meta description and keywords (practicing what he's preaching).

Drupal SEO is Easy | DevBee - http://devbee.com/drupal_seo

  • Overview - Good article explaining the basics of SEO in Drupal. I love his prediction (he got into 2nd place for phrase within 2 days). Of course, I think Drupal wasn't nearly so hot back then as it is now. I don't find that Google indexes my site that fast. So, my prediction is that this page will be in the top 10 within 2 weeks (though it would be way cool to bump some of these old timers ;)
  • Amusing - 2006? 2006? 2006? (I must get into the top 5 for this page so I can break this trend!)
    • <title> tag - The exact phrase shows up in the title at the beginning and the title is short. Good marketing title!
    • Topic - Same as above.
    • Domain - There are other related articles on the site and home page has PR5.
    • Meta Tags - Using meta description and keywords but his meta description does *not* have the keywords in it at all... hmmm... maybe one reason he was bumped down from the #2 slot?

I hope you enjoyed my Drupal SEO Reviews and have fun doing your search engine optimization in Drupal soon.

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