I was checking out my Google Analytics statistics for since I'm curious how people get to the site and what they are typing into the search engines. I was surprised to see that I actually get some traffic here from people typing in my name (kristen). Of course, my domain has kristen in it and my home page has it in the <title> tag, so the word does show up a bit. My site is actually in the top 20 in google for that keyword!

So, here's an experiment I'm doing right now. I have purposefully titled this blog article with my name only. Why? Because then the kristen keyword gets all the weight in the <title> tag. If I were to add a bunch of other words (like on the home page), that keyword would be "diluted" by the others.

I will make sure to add it in my meta tags too. And I will use it in bold a couple places in this article. Then, I will check back in a couple weeks and see if I am higher up in google. I suspect that I will be. Perhaps the top 10. That'd be cool ;)

Signing off,

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