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I have been a Drupal programmer since early 2004 and have used versions 4, 5, 6 and 7. It has come a long way in the past 7+ years and many things that had to be custom-coded in version 4 are now easily configured in versions 6 and 7 with built-in core modules or popular third-party modules. But, having had to write many custom Drupal modules from scratch has aided in my understanding of how to use the new modules and how to modify them (via hooks) as needed. Although you can use Drupal out-of-the-box, knowing how the Drupal internals are structured and how functionality can be altered is very useful for more complex websites. Here are some of the Drupal programming projects that I have been working on:

The Boomerang Project (2010-present - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal Architect & Developer - Architected & developed a large and sophisticated website from scratch in Drupal 6. Mentored one junior developer. Site includes custom ecommerce features, a rich backend admin interface to replace an old CRM system, and special content & functionality for different levels of registered users. The site is built with panels, CCK, views, ubercart, & more.

Naturebridge (2009 to present - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal Developer - Took over development of existing site. Fixed bugs and added new features including a image gallery based on views and ddblock.

Boom Boom Cards (2009-present - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal Programmer - Took over development of the Boom Boom Cards Drupal 6 website. Fixed various bugs and added/configured in SEO-related functionality. Did a complete redesign including adding social networking features.

Nitro Module (2009 - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal Developer - Architected and wrote a custom Drupal 6 module for Bunchball to integrate with their Nitro platform.

Appscio.com / Appscio.org Websites (2009-2010 - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal Developer - Took over development of the Appscio dot-com and dot-org Drupal 6 websites. Basic sites were in place before starting project, but added/configured in SEO related modules, added alphabetical indices to various views, and fixed various bugs.

Rock Band Website (2009-2010 - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal Programmer - Coding/theming on a Drupal 6 website that uses Flash, Ajax, CCK, Views, Services, and more. Basic site was in place before starting the project, but had to jump in and understand the complex architecture to add in hook code, javascript, ajax, views changes, theming, etc.

Classic Vacations Website (2008 to 2011 - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal Architect/Developer - Architected and programmed a very large vacation website using Drupal 6 and numerous third-party modules including cck, views, autonodetitle, pathauto, menu_block, imageapi, global_redirect, nodewords (meta tags), pagetitle, and more. The site has a complex site structure, and many different layouts and custom content types. My work includes custom content types, custom tpl files based on those content types, css integration, auto menu generation code, ahah forms, custom module code, etc. The site was launched in 2009.

Kristen Pol's Website (2008 to present - In Progress)

Small Project - Working on this website to showcase the use of Drupal 6 and how to configure Drupal for SEO (search engine optimization). There will be more to come.

Free Stock Software and Resources (2008-2010)

Small Project - Developing a resource website for free stock market software downloads and information. Website is being developed with Drupal 6 and several third-party modules such as captcha, fivestar, globalredirect, nodewords, page_title, pathauto, and views.

Classical Music Site (2008-2009 - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal Architect/Programmer - Architected and developed a high-end classical music website with custom e-commerce capabilities and back-end integration with a brick-and-mortar accounting and inventory system. Website is based on Drupal 5 and includes several third-party Drupal modules such as cck, i18n, and jdmenu. Many custom modules were written to handle e-commerce features (shopping cart, product galleries, checkout process, credit card processing) as well as custom form processing. Site required migration of existing look-and-feel from their previous Cold Fusion website.

Democrasay.com (2007-2009 - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal SEO Consultant - Provided guidance on Drupal SEO and feedback on site structure and content. Website was built on Drupal 5 with a variety of third-party modules.

Developers.net (2004-2011 - Contract/Freelance)

Drupal Developer / SEO Architect - Developed a technical content repository website with client showcases to highlight products, services and educational content for high-tech companies. Website was built with Drupal 4 and was comprised primarily of custom modules and utilizes object-oriented PHP for common showcase functionality. Designed and implemented SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to increase quality traffic to site which started at around 10K/month and was increased by more than 20x.

AVAILABILITY AND RATES. Please feel free to contact me if you are in need of a Drupal programmer, need help with your Web or Drupal SEO (search engine optimization), or other contract/freelance programming work.

I'm a Speaker at DrupalCon Portland