BADCamp Drupal SEO Presentation 2009

I gave a Drupal SEO presentation at the recent BADCamp in Berkeley along with Jen Lampton of Chapter Three.

For those who couldn't be there or were in one of the other sessions, I'm attaching my Word document that goes through quick instructions on the most common and necessary Drupal SEO modules you should set up for your website.

The document covers:

We are hoping to give a similar presentation at DrupalCon SF in April, so if you didn't catch this Drupal SEO presentation, hope to see you in the Spring at DrupalCon!

drupal_seo_badcamp_module_2009_notes.doc134 KB



I don't believe it was videotaped. There are a few SEO presentations happening at DrupalCon SF (happening right now) and I think some will be videotaped. You may find something online after the conference is over.


Drupal SEO

Thanks for the great SEO doc. I hope you will consider loading the actual video of the presentation to your site.

I'm a Speaker at DrupalCon Portland