Drupal on GoDaddy is TOO SLOW

After setting up Drupal on GoDaddy, I've found that this site is just WAY TOO SLOW with Drupal+GoDaddy. It's annoyingly slow. Previously, I just had a simple static site and it was fast, but that's not too surprising for a static site. I have just contacted GoDaddy about this and my guess is that I won't get any resolution. I looked at this article about the problem, and it talks about shared hosting on GoDaddy in general being slow. I did the reverse ip lookup like the article mentions and see that there are over 2000 websites on the same server as kristen.org, so I guess it's no surprise that my site is slow. It's a shame because I don't want to switch over to a new hosting company, but it's either that or perhaps upgrading to a more expensive non-shared account which I don't really want to do. If anyone has suggestions for low-cost sites that allow running Drupal, please let me know. I guess if I'm going to switch, then a provider that has a Linux shell account as part of the package would be very cool.




Not only is it slow, the support is also TERRIBLE, they make it almost impossible to talk to a real person. I like webhost4life.com.


I've had Drupal on

I've had Drupal on web-host-service.org and Drupal performance has been...meh. I get quite a few 500 and 404 (even when it's there) errors.


I'm using Hosting24 free version (000webhost) and it's pretty cool. So I guess the paid plan is even better. My Drupal site is not too slow and the only problem I get is DB server overload.

I'm having very acceptable

I'm having very acceptable performance with drupal at hostmonster.com. I don't think you can pay month by month with them though, if you're looking for that feature.

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