Is this site too slow?

Fast enough for me
49% (779 votes)
A little slow but nothing major
21% (331 votes)
Sluggish enough to find annoying
9% (140 votes)
Uh... it makes me think of molasses
6% (103 votes)
I don't have any clue / other
15% (232 votes)
Total votes: 1585


fast enough?

I voted "fast enough for me", but submitting that vote was really slow!

Thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback... I'll be migrating to Linode soon so I'm hoping things will be more zippy over there.

The question is

What Drupal site isn't slow?



Yes, unless you have some serious money, your Drupal site is likely to be slow. There are some performance tweaks you can do but for a real fast site, these things can be expensive.

Here are some performance tips:


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