Drupal AHAH Form Examples

Here are some Drupal AHAH Form examples using the Drupal 6 Form API and the wonderful AHAH Helper module. It's much easier creating AHAH forms with the AHAH Helper module than without using it.

Install example_forms module and ahah_helper module and then you can look at:

  1. [yourdomain]/example1
  2. [yourdomain]/example2
  3. [yourdomain]/example3
  4. [yourdomain]/example4
  5. [yourdomain]/example5
  6. [yourdomain]/example6
  7. [yourdomain]/example7

and take a look at the example form code in example_forms.module to see how to create Drupal AHAH forms.

Have fun!

example_forms.tgz2.75 KB

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