Drupal 7 Language Sections module

If you have very simple content translation needs, you might want to check out the Language Sections module.

  1. To try it, install the module and then edit your Text formats to include the Language Sections filter. For example, to add it to your Full HTML text format:
    1. Go to Configuration » Content authoring » Text formats » Full HTML.
    2. Select the Language Sections checkbox.
    3. Click Save configuration.
  2. Then edit a node (with multilingual support enabled) and choose Language neutral for the language and Full HTML for the text format.
  3. Now you can add text to the node body like this:

    == all ==
    This is for all languages.
    == de ==
    This is for German only.
    == en ==
    This is for English only.

The language code is used within the equal sign delimiters to designate the language of text below it. For the example above, if you are viewing the website in German, you'll see the text marked with all and with de.

The Language Sections technique might be useful on the home page or the 404 page if you want to maintain one node and translate parts of the page as needed. It might also come in handy for simple blocks and views header or footer text.

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